Air Conditioning Essential Maintenance Schedule For Homeowners

Ducted air conditions require really little maintenance. Below are the few things you need to do in regards to regular maintenance for your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. The return air grille is the large grille. Even though, it needs to be cleaned about every 6 months. To clean the filter you need to pull back the clips or turn a screw and the grille would pivot down. I’m sure it sounds familiar.

You can vacuum the filter whilst still in the grille or you can remove the filter and either vacuum or clean with soapy water. Make sure to not dry in the sun as this will cause the filter to warp, in case you clean with soapy water. Matter of fact that once cleaned the filter shall not need to be cleaned once again for around 6 months. schedule Click this link: “meeting agenda template“. As well, in case the return air grille of your air conditioner turned out to be noisier compared with usual, or the air conditioner cools/heats less than normal it is an excellent sign that the filter needs a clean. Notice, you will notice water dripping from the method drains but this is a sign that the airconditioner is running properly.

Keep debris fans clear and sticks and think over applying a spray or film on the outdoor unit to slow down rust in the event you live in a coastal region. After applying any chemical however you would check with the manufacturer. Except this your air conditioning structure is maintenance free. As a precaution it is a good idea nevertheless to have friends inspect the scheme every four to five years to check for any big wear and tear. For more info and guidance about air conditioning please feel free to visit informative site. Now pay attention please. Please visit us for more facts on air conditioning brands and air conditioning prices.


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